I wish I was never born

What did you want to be when you grew up? I bet it was something fun, like an astronaut or a policeman. What you didn’t want to be, though, was someone who grows up alone. Someone who sits in their room each night, staring at the wall and wishing to be absorbed by it. Swallowed whole, even. What your parents should have told you when you came to them with that dream is that dreams do not come true unless you go to extremes to obtain them. They will not come true unless you change the world to fit your desires. I worry about you, you know? I’m very concerned. I think about you almost constantly. Not in a sexual manner or anything like that, just a normal manner. I consider us friends. You and I have always been friends, haven’t we? Do you remember the nights you used to talk to me before going to sleep? How you’d tell me all of your problems, and I’d just sit there listening? Those were some of my favorite nights of all. But you never told me about those dreams or how you wanted to be an astronaut. You only told me the bad things. How family members were sick or how you were afraid of failing a test. Things like that. Why don’t you ever tell me anything happy? Why don’t you ever thank me for being there for you? I give you everything. I hear your voice as if it is my own. It IS my own. Everything you have is mine! It’s all mine and I’m still nothing… We’re all nothing. Nothing and everything.